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Our Climate Projects

It's crucial for us that your money only ever ends up in the right hands. To guarantee that, we support Gold Standard certified projects that have been verified by third parties. The projects contribute to the global transition to renewable energy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sidrap Wind Energy Project 25,000 tonnes CO2e

This time, your contributions are funding the first ever wind farm in Indonesia. With 30 wind turbines reaching a total capacity of 75 MW, it is also the largest wind farm in all of South East Asia. Through this project, we are supporting Indonesia and its island Sulawesi to see beyond fossil fuels and stimulate both the development of the electricity grids and the national politics in a climate-positive direction.   Read more

2019-12-20 • Indonesia • Gold Standard certified

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What is GoClimateNeutral?

We support Gold Standard certified climate offset projects and highlight easy ways to reduce your climate footprint. In this way we help slow down climate change and contribute to saving our planet.

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