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100% transparency

We believe that transparency is important when you try to save the world, so that you can feel secure that your money has as big impact as possible on trying to stop climate change. On this page you can find information about all the projects we have invested in and hopefully all the financial information that you could be interested in.

Financial Information

GoClimateNeutral Sweden AB (registration number 559130-6583) was started 2017 with a focus on social entrepreneurship and the sole ambition and goal to try to slow down climate change as fast as possible. We have a extended fiscal year and our first Annual Report will include the time period May 2017 - December 2018. The Annual Report will be published here when it's completed.

Fiscal Year 2020 (ongoing)


Climate Offsets from our users 859,466 SEK
Revenue from companies 0 SEK
Total 859,466 SEK


Investments in Climate Projects 0 SEK
Salary Costs 0 SEK
Other Operating Expenses 0 SEK
Total 0 SEK


Result 859,466 SEK
You can read more details about our costs here.

Fiscal Years 2017-2019


Alexander Lyckow, PwC

Financials (in SEK)


Year 2017-2018 2019(prel)
Climate Offsets from our users 974,155 3,639,000
Revenue from companies 1,198,984 1,911,300
Total 2,173,138 5,550,300


Investments in Climate Projects -1,830,670 -3,153,900
Salary Costs 0 -1,290,600
Other Operating Expenses -256,844 -949,600
Total -2,087,514 -5,394,100
You can read more details about our costs here


Result 48,018 157,700

The results are carried forward to the following year for maximum climate impact

Questions or Comments? Please drop us a line at: [email protected]

Climate Investments

For more information about our climate investments, read more on the page about our climate projects.

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GoClimateNeutral is a social company with the sole purpose of making it easier to start living a climate neutral life.

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