Climate-friendly Christmas gifts

Foto: @helenashållbara

Can you celebrate Christmas and stop climate change at the same time? Absolutely! Here we list our best tips on climate-friendly Christmas presents. Reducing the number of Christmas gifts, giving a climate-friendly experience or together agreeing on that all gifts are bought second hand this year is a great way to reduce the climate footprint of this celebration.

1. A Go Climate Neutral gift card
Give your loved ones a couple of climate-neutral months. Try out our climate offset gift cards.

2. The card playing game Climate Call
Does a trip by air across the Atlantic have a greater climate impact than eating a steak a day for a year?
Players of Climate Call get to learn how the climate is affected by our everyday life. The game is guaranteed to lead to lively discussion! 

3. A novel by Maja Lunde
A book can make it easier to understand the consequences of climate change and why it’s important that we act now instead of some other day.

4. A vegetarian food box

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