Wind Farm (Hindustan) Ltd in Karnataka, India

Gold Standard

We have now offset another 15 000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project! A big thank you to all our more than 1800 users for making this possible!

The Enercon Wind Farm (Hindustan) Ltd project installs and manages wind turbines with a total effect of 68,8 MW in Karnataka, India. The climate benefit comes from replacing fossil intense energy (73.46 % of all energy in India comes from fossil fuels) with the renewable energy from the wind turbines.

UN Sustainable Development Goals that the project also contributes to:

The project reduces the burning of coal which means that fewer for humans harmful substances. are released in the atmosphere.

The project contributes to the economic development in the region by creating local job opportunities during installation and operation, as well as construction of roads.

The project reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur and particulates from the combustion of fossil fuels.

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN CDM-site:

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Godawari Green Energy Solar Thermal Power Project

Gold Standard

We have now offset another 10,000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project!

Located in northern India, this large-scale, 50 MW-capacity solar thermal power project generates almost 119,000 MWh for India’s Combined Regional Grid, displacing electricity sourced from the burning of fossil fuels to reduce emissions and contribute to regional sustainable development.

India is the world’s second largest country by population, beaten only by China – and it is rapidly catching up. As its developing economy strengthens further and rapid population growth continues, India’s energy needs are rising. While the share of renewables in India’s energy mix is growing, coal still accounts for over half of its electricity production.

Located in Jaisalmer District in North India’s Rajasthan State, this large-scale solar thermal power project helps satiate India’s growing energy demands. The 50 MW-capacity solar thermal plant uses parabolic trough technology to generate almost 119,000 MWh of clean energy for the Combined Regional Grid annually, further diversifying India’s electricity mix away from fossil fuels.

On top of supplanting fossil fuels with clean electricity to reduce emissions, the project proponent commits 2% of Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) sales to community welfare and sustainable development projects. The social benefits of this include local employment opportunities that alleviate regional poverty, as well as better roads and improved basic infrastructure. The project also contributes to the transfer of environmentally sound, state-of-the-art thermal solar power generation technology in India, and encourages further

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN-site here:

Invoice: Faktura Godwari Solar Energy

Certificate: Intyg klimatkompensation GNC okt 2018

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Za Hung Hydropower in Vietnam

We have now offset another 6000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project! A big thank you to all our more than 800 users for making this possible!

The Za Hung Hydropower project is a small scale hydropower project situated at the A Vuong River in the Quang Nam province, in the South Central region of Vietnam. With an electricity generation of 114,079 MWh per year, the plant contributes to bridging the supply-demand gap in the region and improves the livelihoods of local communities where minority ethnic groups live.

Power consumption in Vietnam has been growing by about 15 percent annually. Unfortunately, the predominant use of coal-fired electricity generation contributes to large amount of greenhouse gas emissions and poor air quality for inhabitants in the areas where these energy plants exist. Hydropower is part of a plan the Vietnamese government has developed to increase access to clean electricity for its population.

The Za Hung Hydropower Plant has two turbines with a total installed capacity of 30 MW and an annual output of 114,079 MWh. The plant provides clean electricity to about 19,870 homes and helps the country to meet its growing energy demands. By offsetting the grid with clean electricity, the use of coal-fuel is reduced and as a result less greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

The project supports sustainable development in the region by creating jobs for local villagers, and by funding the construction of road infrastructure and houses. In addition, the project owner has set up a grant fund that donates money to households affected by severe floods in recent years. Due to the Za Hung Hydropower Plant, local communities benefit from improved electricity, drainage, roads, and better air quality.

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN-site here:

Invoice: 180822 – Za Hung Project

Certificate: Intyg klimatkompensation GNC aug 2018


Landfill Gas to Electricity Project in Thailand

Thailand Landfil gas to electricity project
Thailand Landfil gas to electricity project

We have now offset another 4000 ton CO2eq in a CDM and Gold Standard certified project! The project is a landfill gas to electricity project, which means that the project extracts and captures gas from a landfill site and converts it to electricity. The electricity is used in Thailand which has an otherwise a very coal, oil and natural gas intense electricity grid – with about 12% renewables –and is planning to increase the amount of electricity coming from coal plats, which makes this project have an extra large impact.

A big thank you to all our users! Thank you so much for making this possible!

More information about this project in the Gold Standard registry (including verification and monitoring reports):

More information on the UN-site here:

Certificate: Certifikat GO Climate Neutral Thai Landfill Gas

Invoice: Kvitto Go Climate-2

Investment in Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project

We have now invested in the Gold Standard-certified CDM-project “Nanyang Danjiang River Solar Cooker Project” and contributed to preventing 4000 ton of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere. Thank you so much everyone for contributing to a cleaner and greener future!

The Nanyang Solar Project improves the indoor hygiene and living conditions of 50.000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China. By replacing traditional coal-fired cooking stoves with clean solar cookers – CO2-emissions are reduced and the quality of life of 50.000 rural household are improved.

More information on the UN-site:

More information on the Gold Standard Markit-registry site:

You can find the invoice here: Nanyang_invoice

Investment certificate can be found here: Certifikat_GS_2017 GoClimateNeutral China


Second Gold Standard + CDM Projekt investment: Thai Solar

Our second both Gold Standard and CDM certified project investment has been made. This time we bought another 1000 tonnes CO2. Thank you for making this possible! Together we are speeding up the transformation towards a sustainable world!

The Thailand national electricity grid provides electricity to households across Thailand. Over 90% of electricity consumed in Thailand’s grid is supplied by fossil fuel fired power plants which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Solar Power Company Limited has constructed a solar photovoltaic plant that supplies clean renewable electricity to the Thailand grid.

Read more about the project at the UN-site (CDM):

More about this project on Markit (Gold Standard):

Here is also our certificate from the investment: Certifikat_GS_2017 GoClimateNeutral

And the invoice from the investment: GoClimate F2663 kvitto

More images from the project:

First both Gold Standard and CDM certified investment: Dak Pone Hydro Power

Our first both Gold Standard and CDM certified project investment has been made. This time we bought 1000 tonnes CO2. Thank you everyone for making this possible!

By providing the surrounding community with reliable and sustainable energy, the Dak Pone Hydro project displaces diesel generators and wood-fired heating and lighting, which leads to better indoor/outdoor air quality and reduces respiratory and eye diseases. Sustainable development is also supported through the construction of irrigation canals, bridges, roads and a local school.

More about this project from the UN-site:

More about this project on Markit:

More on the Gold Standard page:

Our Certificate for the transaction: transactionCH24327

View our invoice from doing the investment: Faktura 613 GoClimateNeutral

Ullunkal Hydro Power Project and more

We have now made another investment with the help of our users, this time in the Ullunkal Hydro Power Project (100 tonnes CO2 – CDM-standard), Inner Mongolia Yihewusu Wind Power (100 tonnes CO2 – CDM-standard) and Salto Pilao Hydropower Plan (100 tonnes CO2 – VCS-standard) with the help from our our friends behind the Carbon Story plattform.

Carbon Story was a plattform for buying carbon offsets for individuals and companies, not unlike our own service. Unfortunately Carbon Story closed down this July due to not having reached a turnover that covered their costs. Before it closed, we were offered to invest in 300 tonnes of CO2 offsets, which we happily accepted.

With this we have also had the opportunity to reach out to all the users of Carbon Story and telling them about GoClimateNeutral. This took us to 50 active users from 6 different countries, so thank you Carbon Story and welcome to our community friends!

You can see our certificate for this investment here:

New investment in Biomass project

Another investment has been made by our community, this time offsetting 75 tonnes of CO2. Thank you everybody!

The investment was made in a biomass project. This is not the cheapest type of investment among CDM-projects, but it at least has a medium likelihood of being additional (according to this report: ). Many other types of CDM-projects are unfortunately less likely to be additional.

Since last time we have learnt a bit about climate project investment and are now actively looking for other alternatives to CDM-project, such as Gold Standard or Fair Trade. We will keep you informed as our search for the most climate effective investments continue.

You can read more about the investment here:

And more details can be found here:

View our certificate from investing in this project:

View our invoice from doing the investment:

Investment in Solar Project in Gujarat

We have now invested in a Solar Project in Gujarat, and thereby contributed to removing 400 tones of CO2 from the atmosphere.  Thank you everyone!

You can read more about the CDM project at the UN site here, and read even more project details here.

Upwards and onwards!

View our certificate from investing in this project: 1491461_2166 invoice_1491461_2166

View our invoice from doing the investment: invoice_1491461_2166